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Vue Cinema

Royale Leisure Park, Western Avenue, Acton, Acton, W3 0PA
0345 308 4620
Mainstream movies are shown at thisĀ  chain cinema
Not a great experience
Mark Evans
With the closure of the cinema at Ealing I've been going here more often although that's probably not going to continue. The audiences tend to be unruly and the place is always swimming in discarded pop corn. There often seem to be large number of underage kids in inappropriate films and they make little attempt to hide their presence. The Vue in Shepherds Bush seems to be run a bit better although parking is shockingly expensive.
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Grim but near
Sara Nathan
It really is a badly run multiplex with a deeply predictable range of films. It's not very clean, you have to buy tickets from the popcorn stand which can take for ever, the loos are best avoided.
It has three things going for it
1. It's near
2. the parking is free
3. It's cheaper than Shepherd's Bush Vue.
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